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Organic production process

Hawo Fruits Spain farms have varying types of soils; this allows us to have multiple crops, all of which require their own specific soil type. Our region has typically Mediterranean weather, which means that winters are mild and summers are hot. The average annual temperature slightly exceeds 16°C and precipitation barely reaches 500 mm. This allows us to have a production of high quality and performance.

Our production is certified by the Consell Català of the Producció Agrària Ecològica, the supervisory certification authority for Organic Farming in Catalonia. This guarantees that the products have been produced or processed in accordance with the rules of organic farming and, therefore, have been controlled throughout the process of production, processing, packaging and marketing.

We work with Global Gap and Grasp social standards. Global Gap is a standard for safe and sustainable food production implemented between companies. GRASP is the Risk Assessment of Social Practices, which covers the health and welfare of workers.

We work exclusively in organic farming, and very faithfully to its production philosophy. Our products are grown without fertilizers or chemical pesticides (fungicides, insecticides or herbicides), with no residue of any of these substances. We only use organic fertilizers and natural minerals with a limitation on nitrogen fertilization. Our procedure for controlling our crops is based on preventive methods with natural pesticides, as required by the norms of organic farming.

We have a large variety of products on our farms: cauliflower, broccoli, fennel, lettuce, endive, leek, hot peppers, sprouts … we work to get the greatest performance with a high quality in our products, using innovative agricultural techniques and always respecting the environment.

Our work philosophy consists of having complete control over the movement of production in order to achieve the highest possible quality product. We control the entire production cycle at every stage, from production of raw material, storage and packaging, up to the shipment of the final product. Our organic products are produced using techniques that minimize forms of pollution and loss of quality by restricting the use of additives and processing aids.

Our traceability system guarantees that we have all of the information of our products at all times.