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Hawofruits company

Hawo Fruits Spain, S.L. is a family business dedicated to the production and commercialization of organic fruit and vegetables. We were founded in 2004 by Chantal Hanzi Debat with the aim of supplying the Swiss market with Spanish quality products.
The beginnings were very unpretentious, with premises on Tivissa Street, L‘Hospitalet de l’Infant, and serving exclusively as a trading company, buying and selling products upon request and sending them directly from supplier to customer. In 2008 Eduard Borras Pujadas joined as a partner, and, in anticipation of a sales increase, we changed premises. We settled in a 300 square meter industrial unit in Gimbernat Street in Les Tapies Industrial Park, again located on l’Hospitalet de l’Infant. At this point we began investing in fixed assets (cold storage), and started handling our products. In this way, we gained great expertise in the industry and became experts in the foreign market.


The company continued growing and, in 2011, it became necessary to move to a larger 1,000 square meter warehouse on Rivera Sans Street, in the same industrial park.

At that time we began growing further, making new investments in assets, acquiring a new cold storage, and a cool packaging line to prevent product temperatures from falling and helping preservation. This packaging line is used to make terrines and flows, which are in compliance with Swiss market requirements.

The company continues growing, and, more recently, it became necessary to move to our current 6,000 square meter warehouse. The investments being made are our most ambitious so far due to an anticipated increase in sales.